February 26, 2022

Use Case: Merry Weekend for Moneta Money Bank

Use Case: Merry Weekend for Moneta Money Bank

2 weeks ago we were at Google Launchpad mentoring event. One of our mentors, Martin Krček, gave us great tips about what he was missing in the web presentation and what we should improve. He advised us that as a potential non-technical customer he would like to see some use cases of what's possible to do with Amio. Martin, we took your bits of advice seriously so this week we are starting with the first use case we implemented using our tools.

Scenario Summary

Moneta Money Bank wanted to offer their clients an opportunity to get 15 % of the money they spent at some partner e-shops back to their accounts. The event was called "Šťastný víkend"  —  let's translate it as "Merry Weekend". The money-back were distributed in the form of vouchers that upon clicking always led the client to Moneta's bene+ web where they would see what e-shops are associated with the event. As a new acquisition channel they decided to use Facebook Messenger.

Scenario Details

When a new user entered Moneta's Facebook Page private chat, the chatbot greeted. It told about the Merry Weekend and the user was prompted to ask a question or see the vouchers.

Welcome to Moneta!

Upon pressing the button that was saying "I'd like to see the vouchers", a carousel message with the vouchers was displayed.

Structured message

In case the client started to write anything else, an operator would take the handle. Then the vouchers could be displayed from the context menu.

Carousel messages can appear upon clicking item "Slevy" from menu too

Building Blocks

To build this basic chatbot we needed to:

Time to implement the bot

The bot implementation took us 2 hours. (It covers bot-only implementation. Not infrastructure set up and preparation of logos.)


The campaign was running for 10 days. Moneta had not advertised people could obtain vouchers from Facebook Messenger. Yet, 20.86 % of all users displayed the vouchers.


The implementation was really fast and the conversion rates are not bad at all! It was a simple scenario but this case was more like a proof of concept. Currently, we are working on a more complex use case with Moneta. It's a secret for now... Psst. ;-)

Honza Donátek
Honza Donátek