September 14, 2023

Top 10 tips for choosing the right chatbot vendor

In today's fast-paced business landscape, staying competitive often means embracing automation to enhance customer care.

Whether you're considering the implementation of chatbots, voice bots,  email bots or anything in that direction, choosing the right automation vendor is an important decision.

The vendor you select can make or break the success of your automation project. To help you make an informed choice, we have collected the essential factors into ten simple tips.

In this blog post, we'll walk you through these key considerations to ensure that your automation journey aligns with your business goals and delivers value.

#1 Understanding your business needs

Find a vendor who really understands your business requirements before diving into automation solutions.

Make sure the vendor:

→ works with your industry

→ has customers similar to your business

→ understand your needs

→ integrate tools used by your segment

#2 Alignment with automation goals

Make sure the vendor understands your automation goals and was able to hit them in the past.

→ ask for case studies

→ agree on measurable goals

→ define the roadmap with deadlines

#3 Transparent business case

As mentioned above, look for vendors who share the business cases. Look through them and see if there is something that meets your expectations.

It’s a great sign if the vendor has case studies from your industry.

If a vendor has managed to achieve results similar to what you want, in an industry similar to yours, there is a high chance they can provide you desired outcome.

#4 Calculating ROI

Look for a vendor capable of calculating the Return on Investment (ROI).

Make sure it makes sense and that the provider is not inflating the positive numbers.

The vendor should offer you a personalized ROI based on your number of agents, chats, emails, etc.

#5 Industry-specific experience

Every industry is different when it comes to support automation and its results.

Any time you’re dealing with customers, things are never as simple as they seem.

Make sure to choose a vendor with a track record of success in your industry, as they'll be better equipped to meet your unique needs.

#6 Cross-departmental collaboration

To maximize the benefits of support automation, the provider shouldn’t just work with customer support agents. Marketing, sales, IT and other departments should be involved too.

Automation brings best results when multiple key peoples’ objectives are taken into consideration.

Seek vendors who involve multiple departments within your organization to ensure a holistic approach to automation.

#7 Project roadmap development

Work with a vendor that creates a clear project roadmap, outlining the implementation path.

It’s important that the plan consists of:

→ project goals

→ actionable steps

→ milestones

→ deadlines

→ responsible person

#8 Pre-trained AI data set

How easy it is to start with the support automation is also an important factor when choosing a vendor.

Prioritize the ones who provide:

→ pre-trained AI data sets

→ predefined answers

→ ready conversational structures

#9 Conversational design expertise transfer

The vendor should know how to design conversation, build messaging, align copywriting.

Look for vendors who have conversational design knowledge, and will take their time sharing it with your team.

#10 Seamless multilingual transition

If your support operates in multiple languages, you should look for tools that easily transition to other languages.

#11 Long-term commitment

Bonust tip: Ensure your chosen vendor is committed to providing ongoing support and doesn't disappear after the initial release. Talk to the vendor’s customer to know how they work.

By following these tips, you can make a well-informed decision when selecting an automation vendor for your customer care needs.

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