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Top 10 tips for choosing the right chatbot vendor

In today's fast-paced business landscape, staying competitive often means embracing automation to enhance customer care.

Whether you're considering the implementation of chatbots, voice bots,  email bots or anything in that direction, choosing the right automation vendor is an important decision.

The vendor

10 important rules for retaining great support agents

Retaining great employees is challenging.

Retaining exceptional customer support agents is even harder.

They have to deal with:

  • Angry customers
  • Repetitive tasks
  • High load of ticket
  • Seasonality

That, and many more reasons, cause support agents to switch companies or positions often. After

New Feature: Event Logs

Event logs show what happened to your webhooks and messages. You can find them in your channels.

Until recently, our users had to reach support whenever the webhooks didn’t reach their servers. We were happy to help and searched through our

Let’s Improve Error Messages

How API providers should save our time.


Properly implemented API error reporting speeds up the development and prevents potential bugs.

True Story — Time Wasted

Several months ago, we were integrating a 3rd party API to It was a