September 15, 2022

New Feature: Event Logs

Event logs show what happened to your webhooks and messages. You can find them in your channels.

Until recently, our users had to reach support whenever the webhooks didn’t reach their servers. We were happy to help and searched through our logs to give them answers. You can imagine that it was not effective for either side. Now we would like to introduce our new feature: Event logs. They will show what’s happening to your messages and webhooks.


One of the most appearing mistakes was an obsolete server URL (for example when developer started a new session with ngrok). Below is how a wrong server address is reported in the event logs now:


Future plans

The future updates to event logs will cover:

  • manual webhook re-send (automatic webhook redelivery is already part of Amio!),
  • logs for incoming requests,
  • export to PDF and
  • searchable logs.

Help us improve Amio

The feature is still in Beta. We are open for any suggestions or complaints. Just let us know in the comments below or write to email.

Let the logs simplify your development! Team

Honza Donátek
Honza Donátek