May 23, 2019

How Amio Helps Customer Support Software Companies Provide More Value and Improves Their Bottom Line

How Amio Helps Customer Support Software Companies Provide More Value and Improves Their Bottom Line

Since you have decided to take time out to read this post, I’m going to assume that you are involved with a company that provides customer support software or are planning to. If you came here looking for recommendations for customer support software — well, this post is not going to be of much help but getting in touch with us on will certainly be!

While the support software domain is highly competitive, it is also one that continues to experience growing demand. Today, companies around the world acknowledge that great support is quintessential to brand loyalty and advocacy, and that customer support is not merely a function but a core feature. That said, with the number of channels for customers to communicate with brands growing rapidly, each with its own nuances, support software companies need to constantly add and maintain new channels and features to stay relevant. To that effect, Amio not only helps customer support software companies provide more value but also affects the bottom line directly — here’s how:

Your customers can utilize new channels to offer support to their users

The number one reason for any brand to invest in customer support software is to reduce the burden of managing multiple channels manually while ensuring that no customer message goes unread and no query goes unanswered. Therefore, support for every new channel adds to the value provided by customer support software. Besides the usual suspects like Email, Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM and SMS, other crucial channels include WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, Facebook and Instagram Comments and Twitter Mentions.

Amio enables support software companies to quickly add upcoming channels along with channel-specific features to their repertoire. Amio currently supports Messenger, Viber, Viber Business Messages, SMS and web chat.

Your customers need not use a separate live chat tool

Amio Chat enables support software companies to offer a branded live chat widget —  a must-have tool for businesses to allow customers to initiate a conversation from a website — without the need to build one from scratch. Today, customers prefer live chat over any other communication channel and customer service software companies that offer this channel certainly have an upper hand over those that don’t.

A chat widget is sold as an add-on by some companies while others choose to offer it as a separate product altogether. Whatever be your strategy, providing a seamless solution for your customers to offer support over live chat is bound to improve your bottom line as well as theirs.

Your product gets a competitive edge by quickly adopting what’s new  

Adopting new channels as well as channel-specific features gives your product a huge edge over its competitors. As per Capterra, there are over 170 companies that fall in the Customer Service Software category and this list will only grow as upstarts like yours keep innovating in this space. Companies too are looking to move away from incumbents and are open to adopting new and flexible tools that are quick to integrate new channels and services.

By relying on Amio, companies that offer customer service software are able to focus on their core offerings while also bringing in new channels and channel-specific features quickly and effortlessly.

You are able to save expensive resources by reducing development and maintenance time

Building and maintaining a product is hard enough. Supporting new communication channels while ensuring that the features they offer are implemented thoroughly only makes it harder. Amio was built with this exact problem in mind and aims to make this process easier while enabling businesses to build better messaging experiences. Amio’s unified API and flexible integrations reduce development time by 20% for the first channel and 80% for subsequent ones.

Additionally, administration of all messaging platforms and integrations is centralized wherever possible and businesses need not worry about keeping up with third-party APIs. Occasionally, a business might have to implement changes to their applications but in most cases, Amio is able to handle platform breakage. Amio tracks all API updates and implements necessary changes so that your business can focus on engaging customers on their preferred messaging channels.


Messaging channels are integral to the success of support software companies as well as that of their customers. While there’s no silver bullet that can help your company leapfrog your competition, investing in the right development tools like Amio can certainly enable you to stay ahead of the curve in more ways than evident. After all, when progress compounds, exponential growth takes place

Arpit Choudhury
Arpit Choudhury

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